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Xuzhou F-man Lorrycrance Co., founded in 2010,is a private hi-tech enterprise specialized in producing truck mounted cranes integrating design,manufacturing and sale.The factory building covers an area of 10,000-plus square meters.The top-seller products of the company are SQ1-SQ25 series truck cranes, with knuckle boom and telescopic boom.In addition to the main products above,F-man also provides other crane-related products like track cranes,marine cranes and timber cranes and some other deformed products.

The company has first-class technical research and development team,strong technical innovation and product development capabilities,highlights the product development philosophy of "safety,pro-environment,fashion,leading",builds the product R&D platform which is marked by three-dimensional design system,mechanical analysis system with independent knowledge products and modular expert database.Firmly occupy the commanding height of the product technology,so as to lead the industry development trend,and promote the healthy and sustainable deveiopment of the industry.

Xuzhou F-man adhering to the enterprise spirit of"sincere,safe,innovative,cooperative",customized strict quality system requirements on product design,procurement,manufacturing,testing,service and other aspects,and to make"Leading products,value services"as the company's development strategy in China truck mounted crane industry,since the beginning of the establishment of the company.

F-man has invested millions of dollars in deep technical exchanges and cooperation actively wiG-th ltaly and Sweden who are world class with truck mounted crane enterprise,this will make F-man's product design achieve the international level.Meanwhile,F-man is on the basis of firstly obtained the national truck mounted crane "type test"manufacturing license and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification,refer to foreign companies in procurement,manufcturing,testing,sales,service and other aspects of advanced management experience.With the help of computer information technology,Forman's company is set up in the integrated information management system,such as high efficiency,science,perfect set purchase,manufacture,process control,sales,customer service and so on.Formed a strict quality management system,make the truck crane product be "boutique"gesture to show in customers,services and customers by "from the front to the back"(from the product's procurement,inspection to the product manufacturing,testing),by"from outside to inside"(product appearance and product quality).F-man always stands in the position of customers towards any problems in the product,and always puts the "customer satisfaction"as the only standard to measure the quality of products and services.F-man customers integrity,respect for the market,willing to go hand in hand,common benefit and prosperity,common development with all customers.